By no means shall AIMPN / IAPNM be held liable, either directly or indirectly, for any problematic issue that may occur within the framework of the Congress and its organization, not only with respect to the organizers but also with respect to third parties (airline companies, hotels, transportation, taxis, etc.) while in the performance of duties or services even indirectly related to the Congress.


This contractual liability exemption clause is equally valid in case of an event of forcé majeure which leads to the disruption and/or the partial or complete cancellation of the Conference program, for reasons not attributable to AIMPN / IAPNM. An event of force majeure is defined as an unforeseen and exceptional event – be it climatic, environmental, political or socio-economic – and does not imply any limitation.


Furthermore, the participant also expressly agrees to totally absolve AIMPN / IAPNM from any responsibility and liability with regard to travel insurance and related costs or claims. It is solely up to the individual to seek out and purchase or otherwise obtain the necessary insurance with regards to his/her travel, etc. and/or to independently issue a claim against any third party that may be responsible for direct or indirect losses or damages caused to or suffered by the delegate en route to and from the Congress.